Life inspires me, either through art, science or adventure, I try to combine a career as an applied ecologist, photographer and outdoors hobbyist athlete. My name is Diogo Carvalho and my natural world imaging project goes by the expression "Naturimago", a contraction of the latin words naturæ and imago.

Starting out a decade ago, in the beginning I would exclusively focus on wildlife and pristine nature subjects. As I matured as a photographer I realised the need for a more holist approach recognizing the human component as being indivisible from what I convey in my work, our place and relation with the natural world. I seek to capture that relation in a dynamic and powerful way while both completely immersing the viewer as participant and allowing for a fleeting windows into my subjects most exquisite moments, with a profound respect for the natural historical value of the unfolding scene.

I'm always seeking to refine my craft and take it to the next level, and for that I not only rely on all my experience and creativity as a photographer but also employ my knowledge as a biologist and relentless energy as a mountaineer into finding the next technique, vantage point or go the extra mile to get the shot. 

All images by Diogo Carvalho - naturimago © 2019

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